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CSG offers a wide range of activities. Here’s a brief selection of our projects past and present:

Sports Leadership TrainingIn partnership with the England Footballers Foundation, we offered a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in Sports Leadership, awarded by Sports Leaders UK, delivering a 16 week programme. The course tasks included designing, planning and delivering sports sessions to other young people. The training was open to all 16-24 year olds, and the learner group included candidates not in education, employment or training, and candidates with learning difficulties, disability and difficult/challenging behaviour issues. In order to engage these learners many of the sessions were adapted or given additional tutor support in order to ensure that the candidates achieved the required learning outcomes.

Saturday Night Youth Club – CSG delivers a weekend youth club providing access to issue-based services and fun diversionary activities, e.g. table tennis, pool, watching movies, PS3 computer games, quizzes, board games, and dodgeball & badminton coaching. A discussion and debating group explores key issues, e.g. youth culture, identity and belonging, drugs awareness and the impact of crime.  The group is the forum in which young people can voice their concerns regarding the project and/or community issues. Other sessions include healthy eating evenings, sports events, music training.
The youth club is the only service of its kind offered at weekends in the local area, and works towards increasing involvement in healthy lifestyles and boosting young people’s confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and awareness.

University of Cambridge course in Integrative Complexity (I.C) - The aim of the course was to enable young people to develop their thinking – with higher levels of Integrative Complexity (IC for short).

  • IC is a core life skill for all people living in multi-cultural Britain today.
  • IC means that we remain committed to our own values and faith, yet become able to engage with other views to find common values and win / win solutions.
  • IC is not about what you think; it’s about how you think. It is about thinking for yourself.
  • Through IC, young people were able to appreciate the best aspects of different viewpoints.
  • Knowing your own mind, your own values and beliefs.
  • Branching out in your thinking so that you actively listen to other viewpoints
  • Weaving together the best of different viewpoints concerning complex life issues.

The course was facilitated through DVDs, booklets and facilitator-led group activities. Twenty-one young people completed the training programme. The course promoted integrative complexity through creative problem solving, critical and moral reasoning, teamwork skills, active listening, communication and conflict resolution.
The Lord Mayor of Manchester attended a celebratory event to present the young people with their certificates of completion and to highlight their success.

Sisterhood Girls ProjectCSG provides a weekly project for 7-18 year old girls, including arts & craft activities, motivational DVDs, sports, organised walks and games, and healthy eating projects, in a setting that is comfortable and accessible to our service users. The sessions include a youth forum discussing issues relevant to both young girls and young people as a whole, to increase knowledge, understanding and confidence. We offer CV, job support and volunteering opportunities to broaden the service users’ skill sets, experience and confidence in a work environment.

Football Skills Training/Awards - CSG, in partnership with FC United of Manchester, is currently running an Introduction to Football accredited course, covering ball skills, team tactics, nutrition and health. The project is aimed at improving the young people’s technical skill and knowledge of the game, nurturing young people’s ability to work as a team and increasing their participation in sporting activities and events.

Keep On Moving - CSG provides a Friday night youth club for 10 to 19 year olds, offering recreational activities (watching movies, computer games, quizzes, table tennis) and a range of discussions exploring key issues for local young people: drugs awareness, crime and its impact, identity and community. Also offered as part of the project are healthy eating evenings, sports events and music training.

Residentials - An integral part of CSG’s work is offering residential trips to allow our service users to experience a new environment and opportunity for learning and skill/personal development.
For some service users, a CSG residential is the first time they leave Manchester for an extended period, and is therefore an exciting and memorable experience for them. Our residentials are normally three days long, and have included trips to Edale Hostel in Derbyshire and Pro Adventure in north Wales, with activities including climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, caving, orienteering, high ropes, hill walking and archery.

Adults’ Advice and Information Drop-in - CSG provides a weekly drop-in for adults, offering practical and emotional support to individuals in need. Among others, advice includes topics such as welfare benefits, discrimination, employment issues, education, housing, consumer affairs and council tax. Service users are signposted to relevant agencies for specialist advice where applicable. The drop-in session improves the self-esteem and confidence of service users and helps resolve issues they’re facing.

Inspirational Visits
CSG offers inspirational visits from individuals who are of real personal interest to our service users. Visitors have included American rapper and founder of Stop The Violence, KRS-One; and British boxer and philanthropist Amir Khan. We believe meeting successful and principled individuals provides our service users with positive role models, educates them and gives them more confidence to achieve their own goals.

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